A new concept in classic cuisine

Provence marks the inception of a new standard in culinary creativity. In Provence , innovation pairs elegant styling with the grace of France’s greatest culinary tradition. At its core lies a piece of France itself — the wholly unique, 100% organic “Terre Blanche” hand-crafted wood fired oven.

Authentic Artistry

Beyond Provence ’s eye catching lines and intuitive design lies its soul. Terre Blanche — perfect, pure, 100% organic “white earth”— the hand-crafted core of traditional French cooking. Invaluable in its rarity and available exclusively from Le Panyol — since 1840.

Provence: exceptional and inimitable.

Close your eyes and imagine… pizzas, roasted meats, soups, stews, pastries and even homemade bread— fresh from the world’s finest wood fired oven. Provence is a versatile addition to any chef’s repertoire: for meat or fish, grilling, roasting, braising, simmering, browning, and everything in between. Revolutionize your meals by getting get back to basics — experience the fine art of wood fired cuisine.

  • Contemporary styling.
  • Professional quality stainless steel.
  • Weatherproof copper-quartz finish.
  • Easy to use, easy to clean.

Enjoy an Organic Experience.

With Provence, step across the Channel and journey into France. Let the treasured “White Earth” from the valley of the Rhone work for you. Explore a limitless range of wood fired flavors. Cook any dish to perfection.


Unlock the true flavor of ingredients with the art of traditional cooking.

Unleash your creativity.


Sweet simplicity

Easy to use, practical and durable. Provence is everything you expect from a conventional oven or barbeque — and more.

“Terre Blanche” hand-crafted wood fired oven.
Equipped with:

  • Wide central drawer with a professional cutting board
  • Numerous multi-function storage units
  • Side-mounted stainless steel prep area
  • Stainless steel barbeque
  • Convenient wood storage
  • Thermo coated insulated door
  • Includes stainless steel peel, laser thermometer, ash rake & hearth brush

Bon appétit has never been easier.