Le Panyol Wood Fired Ovens 

Over 150 years of refactory oven production


Le Panyol Professional ovens are cooking ovens made from the finest refractory earthenware. In keeping with the long tradition of wood ovens, they are entirely built from “Terre Blanche” quarried in Larnage, France

  What makes Le Panyol Special

  • Rapid rise in temperature (reaches 400°C/752˚F in 1 hour)
  • Sustained baking capability of over 6 hours
  • Perfect combustion
  • Low fuel consumption (4 - 5 of wood is enough to reach a temperature of 400°C)
  • Health tested and certified “Food Safe”
    (certified Category 3*** by European directive n°84-500)
  • Available as DIY kits or fully installed by your local distributor.


Easy assembly

For example, you can assemble a model 66 core kit in less than ½ day thanks to a simple system consisting of archstones and a keystone (assembly time does not include construction of the foundation, veneer or chimney).